synapseWear is a wearable device & fashion collection for recording your motion and environmental data to create playful visualizations / sonifications.

Small and light the synapseWear wearable device includes 6 sensors to capture your motion and environmental data. You can use it as an attractive air quality monitor or a way to enhance your performance art. The sensors act as mnemonic recorders of your sentient experiences perceiving: C02/TVOC, temperature, humidity, pressure, light, movement (9DOF) and ambient sound levels.

The synapseWear device is designed to attach to a uniquely designed garment collection featuring a special fabric that has been integrated into the seams. This permits you to place the device wherever you like - on your shoulders, the nape of your neck, hips, legs and so on. If you wish to wear the synapseWear device with your own garments it also comes with a clip that lets you wear it with any garment or accessory. Currently the garment collection includes t-shirts and pants.


art and program, Inc.


Creative Core: Alexander Reeder and Valérie Lamontagne
Hardware + Software: art and program, Inc.

Design: Tomoki Tachibana, Shed Inc.
Industrial Design: Toshihiko Sakai, Sakai Design Associate Ltd.
Fashion Design and Coordination: Mina Maeda, Grosgrain
Sound Design: LADER Production
Photography: Richmond Lam
Models: Dulcedo
Video: Ray Lavers